About Dokker


Dokker is urban design combined with sustainable and high quality materials. Every hat is handmade in Helsinki, Finland.



"A cap hat without a cap"

Lipaton hats bring new touch for urban headwear with unisex design. Limited edition collections with selected materials guarantee unique products.

Sustainable materials

The main materials of our hats are recycled. We source materials locally and prepare them carefully for production. We value quality and our hats last through time. We are searching continuously sustainable materials and we are happy to work with partners who share the same values.

Transparent production

 Our production process simply goes like this: We search the best recycled materials and pick them by hand. We sew them into hats from the  beginning to the finishing stitch. Our production is transparent and we like to keep it that way. It's important for us that our customers can track down every step of the process.  

Every hat is handmade in Helsinki, Finland.

What do you pay for?

When you purchase our product you are paying a fair price for sustainable production in Finland. You are boosting Finnish handcraftmanship and supporting local small business.

Thank you for choosing us.